MSTF Begins its Second Decade!

For Immediate Release....

Contact: Philip N. Zeman
MSTF Productions

Milwaukee, WI, April 21, 2007 -- MSTF begins its second decade this week at BotCon 2008!

MSTF, the longest running fan panel at Transformers conventions, holds its annual performance this week at BotCon 2008! Held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinatti, OH, the official Transformers convention is celebrating the one of the biggest years ever. Coming off the blockbuster live-action movie in 2007 plus the popular "Transformers: Animated" cartoon running weekly on Cartoon Network, Transformers have never been more popular.

So why are they still allowing MSTF? Surely they would have learned by now.

This year's performance, as always, is a secret. Will it be Generation 1? Will it be Beast Wars? Will it be Robots in Diguise (God help them)? You'll have to come to the show to find out.

Pre-registrants to BotCon 2008 get in free. But if you are in the Cincy area and just want to head on in, you'll be allowed to see the show with a charity donation. So even if the jokes are bad, you can feel good about donating for a good cause.

The Duke Energy Center is located at 525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The performance starts at 10:00pm in DEC Room 201.

For more information, you can go to the BotCon website at http://www.botcon.com.

And maybe one of these days, www.MSTFonline.com will have something more than these press releases....